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Da Vinci Audio Lab.
This is something Kathy and I will always treasure.
In keeping with the family theme, Da Vinci's "showroom" is the spacious living room of Peter and Jolandas homea beautiful and beautifully furnished farmhouse attached to a lovely old villa in the village of Muri, just outside of Bern.It, too, was a wonderment; Robert Harley called the Granada the Best Sound of Show and although I preferred the Vandersteen 7s, the Granadas were a close second.).All of the Virtùs drivers buoni sconti toscana are designed and manufactured by the French firm Fertin.It was a fabulous trip, in no small part come tagliare i capelli ad un uomo because Switzerland is (famously) such a fabulously beautiful country.On Peters mastertapes (he keeps a full-bore Studer studio deck in his system to play back his own recordings, which he uses as references the Virtus and the Da Vinci electronics recreated the sound of a singer and accompanists in a church as.And yetthe entire Da Vinci system was doing something so much more right when it came to transporting me almost bodily to other times and other places that I didnt mind or care.This is to be expected, since the two systems could scarcely be more different.The beautiful Da Vinci 'table and arm.Peter and Jolanda's listening room, oh, there are differences, of coursein emphasis, in dynamic, in gestalt.The equally expensive Fertin 30ex Model 7 woofers are 12-inch doped-paper cones with carbon-fiber-wire surrounds.Everything at Da Vinci is assembled by hand, although some parts are made by other firms for Da Vinci.It is run by chief engineer Peter Brem and his partner Jolanda Costaa couple in real (which is to say, non-audiophile) life and two of the sweetest, kindest, most hospitable people Kathy and I have ever metand further staffed by Jolanda's son Sandro, her daughter.The "Da Vinci Corner Peter and Yolanda's farm house and the yellow villa it is attached.Wir verwenden Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren, Werbeanzeigen maßzuschneidern und zu messen sowie die Sicherheit unserer Nutzer zu erhöhen.(There is no surround in the traditional sense.) Fertin claims that its carbon-wire surround reduces the effects of cone breakup, lowering distortion and improving bass, transient response, linearity, and resolution.

The Virtùs and the Da Vinci system.
Peter slips motor into motor block assembly.
In Switzerland, on really good recordings, the Virtùs were uncannily lifelike; moreover, their realism was of a different order than that of other great speakers.