Da vinci code game review

You'll realize pretty soon that things are not da vinci systems inc so easy.
For starters, it's good to know that "The Da Vinci Code" is a 3-in-a-row puzzle game.
And now, it's time for us to discover the mysteries and have a taste of the thrill we experienced in the book or movie.
Even if the game is slightly boring at the beginning, you'll realize that your time was not spent in vain while playing this.The AI for the security guards is so bad that you can just play this like a run-'n-gun shooter and forget the stealth elements.The 5-pedal roses will build up your hammer meter which will be very useful to you when you want to smash pieces (such as the brick tokens).During the game-play, the players will see familiar faces from the movie popping up on the screen.Now, let's talk about the "path" the player must walk.Like watching a badly animated movie of the plot of the book, minus the characterization or action.After that we had the answer from the gaming realm which led by 2K Games launched a PlayStation 2, an Xbox and a PC game.Like I said earlier there is one that the gamer has laid before him.The first of them is a flashlight that you can use to light up dark areas of the game board.Short after that, a movie was made.The developers of this one are the same that brought us the feature film.For example, the inspector will follow you through the game.This basically adds a bit of thrill to everything, because if you get caught, you restart the level.The game does not lack in power-ups and tokens.
The double-clicking on the spiraling tokens will destroy all tokens in a vertical or horizontal row.
Full Review ยป quite boring and the puzzles aren't very intutive.

Negative: 4 out of 5, yet another awful movie-licensed game - it's not like The Da Vinci Code would make a good game, anyways; the subject matter is best Yet another awful movie-licensed game - it's not like The Da Vinci Code would make.