Leonardo da vinci was homosexual

He turned his attention to many subjects and mastered nearly all.
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Little is known about the life of Leonardo da Vinci.
She was the daughter of a wealthy Florentine family, but Leonardo dressed her in plain clothes in order to focus on her face; in a motto painted on the back of the wooden panel, he declared that she was not just good-looking but had "virtue".Leonardo studied anatomy, astronomy, botany, geology, geometry, and optics, and he designed machines and drew plans for hundreds of inventions.Freud pointed to a coldly clinical drawing of heterosexual intercourse among Leonardo's notes, which shows the lovers standing up, like mannequins.La Belle Ferronnière (perhaps another of Sforza's mistresses) looks over a parapet, her gaze mysterious.Scholars have written reams about this ermine's significance as an allegory of purity.Father of invention by Miranda Seymour in The Sunday Times Culture, 9th.Who was the Mona Lisa based on?No other Renaissance artist was as preoccupied with androgyny: from his earliest works, including an angel he painted in a work by his master Verrocchio, it was Leonardo's trademark.His inventiveness, versatility, and wide-ranging intellectual curiosity have made Leonardo a symbol of the Renaissance spirit.As a youth, he was twice accused of sodomy, though never prosecuted (apparently because the young men who were charged with him came from powerful and wealthy families).A pastoral painting can remind you, in winter, of summer in the country with your beloved.His father was Ser Piero, a notary; his mother, Caterina, came of a peasant family.Soon, in Venice, the young Giorgione would paint overtly amorous nudes that went on to shape the erotica of Renaissance princes; he took his ideas directly from Leonardo, who visited Venice at the start of the century.Kenneth Clark, (1959 "Leonardo da Vinci tom Cowan, (1996 "Gay Men and Women Who Enriched the World".This is not the image of him that has come down.Even while he was fighting off sodomy accusations in Florence, the 26-year-old Leonardo da Vinci painted a picture of a young woman that blew apart the patriarchal conventions of his native city.Monsters, men and Mona by John Morrish in The Independent on Sunday, 13th.
Leonardo's teacher, Andrea del Verrocchio, made a marble bust of a nameless young woman, a truly great Florentine work (now in the.
The infra-red images do nothing to support the idea that Leonardo somehow painted a blend of Lisa Gherardini and Salai, he said, adding that too little is known about Salais appearance.