List of leonardo da vinci works

Leonardo da Vinci, Self-Portrait, circa 1512 Leonardo da Vinci/WikiCommons.
1 permanent dead link Self-portrait of Leonardo, Surrentum Online, accessed Early Mona Lisa' painting claim disputed".
17 Medusa Oil on panel A juvenile work described by Vasari.
18 The Battle of Anghiari Commissioned Peter Paul Rubens, copy of Leonardo's The Battle of Anghiari (pictured).Recorded by Cassiano dal Pozzo as being at Château de Fontainebleau in 1625 There are nine known copies of the painting, including: Cesare da Sesto, Leda and the Swan (pictured).Subjects covered include painting, perspective, water and mechanics.Marchesa Isabella dEste, a lovely drawing, or study, of Marchesa Isabella dEste hangs in the Louvre.London: British Museum Press.After Leonardo's failure to fulfill the commission it was given to Domenico Ghirlandaio on, but he tagliare video mpeg 2 did not complete the work either.A date in the late 15th or 16th century has been calcolare lo sconto applicato confirmed by scientific testing.While many assume this is a self-portrait, others are not quite sure, believing that the style was indicative of Leonardos earlier work and not of his style when he was older.Il Corriere della Sera.A b Marani 2000,. .I (1490s Mainly concerned with the science of mechanisms.The work does not appear in Kemp 2011.1508 (?) ( Zöllner 2011 ). .Leonardo da Vinci, Horse and Rider Jwpetty1951/WikiCommons.