Michelangelo's pietà and leonardo da vinci's mona lisa

A.2011) Michelangelo volantino jambo trentola ducenta giocattoli was just 24 years old when he finished the Pieta, the only piece of work the artist signed.
Renaissance, a period marked by a rebirth of interest in the art and learning of ancient Greece and Rome.
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As an artist he was supreme, the maker of works of sublime beauty that display the full breadth of the human condition.Ah, but the size of a work of art shouldnt matter, you say: many of the greatest paintings are small. .Leonardo trains in Florence as a painter, almost certainly with Verrocchio, and he becomes a member of the painters guild in 1472.He holds show more content, raphaels School of Athens.His full name was Michelangelo Buonarroti.He wowed them with his brilliant talk and the originality of his ideas on everything under the sun.But, this fascinating portrait (somewhat reminiscent of the Mona Lisa) is a beautiful example of the Baroque style.Note: This portrayal of Leonardo does not do him justice.But in about 1482 he sends a letter to Ludovico Sforza, the duke of Milan.He decides to return the world of art back to the worshiping of a human body.The condition of this painting is quite frail, as he experimented quite drastically with the mediums he used.Here God is creating Adam capturing that elusive touch between man and God.In both cases a biblical theme is present, and in both cases the figures are shown in worldly form, with the existence of spiritual elements.

The Mona Lisa was painted toward the end of Leonardos career.