Samsung galaxy nx prezzo

samsung galaxy nx prezzo

Includes Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software and 50GB Dropbox storage.
The Galaxy NX features a deeper handgrip; its body is a bit slimmer behind, and it extends out further.
The eye-level EVF is a bit of vincita ambo su tutte le ruote 2 euro a disappointment.Bottom Line, the Samsung Galaxy NX is the company's second attempt at putting Android on a camera, building on the point-and-shoot Galaxy Camera.It can scroll left or right (it doubles as the volume control for Android apps and it can be pushed in to select functions.But even that control scheme, which delivers the quickest access to shooting controls, needs some improvement.If you're not paying close attention, you may end up adjusting a setting that you don't want to adjust.It's not on the same level as the sharper 2,500k-dot oled EVF that Fuji puts in its.There are also always-available touch options to toggle the amount of information shown on the display, lock exposure, and set the autofocus mode.Compact Standard Zoom 20-50mm.5-5.6.The rear display is huge.Slow to take a photo from standby.Design, Features, and Android Camera Apps.That's it for the physical controls.Plus you can choose and download Android apps to edit images and produce memorable presentations, and bring family and friends in on the fun.More and more mirrorless cameras feature articulated screens, taking advantage of the fact that they focus just as fast using the rear display as an eye-level EVF, but the NX features a fixed display.If you adjust exposure compensation, for example, the camera will move the active control back to aperture or shutter speed (depending on the mode).Tapping the gear icon brings up an on-screen menu that provides direct touch access to shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, metering, resolution, autofocus, drive mode, and flash output controls.NX300, and the same.8-inch touch screen and Android functionality as the.
The camera is quite comfortable to hold, though I corsi professionali di taglio e cucito roma did find myself accidentally activating a touch-screen control with my right thumb as I brought the camera to my eye for a shot.
There's a power button on the top plate, along with the shutter release and record button.