Vinca pacifica coltivazione

Mail order seed catalogs, seed packets in retail stores, or as bedding plants at garden centers.
The Pacifica series has large, 2 inch blooms on a vigorous plant that come on earlier than other varieties. .
In a full sun garden location, these vinca plants will reach a foot tall and wide when mature.It has early flowering with a well balanced plant form, and is highly recommended for spring or summer plantings.As a drought tolerant, heat-loving plant, Vinca is always the right choice for any garden bed or landscape planting.Because Vinca needs less water than other annuals, planting it in containers means fewer trips with the hose to water.Outstanding Features: Vinca are very low maintenance plants and will take a lot of abuse and neglect.Due to the ease of growing and continuous flowering, it is perfectly suitable for any garden or patio planters that receive sun.It has proven heat and drought tolerance.Ask for them at: Online morsano al tagliamento (pn) vegetable and flower seed websites.Vinca are commonly known as periwinkles.Tips: Vinca do not need deadheading or pinching to maintain bloom and form.Sources: It's often hard to list definite sources.This bicolor flower is a vivid contrast, exceptionally visible in an annual garden.Pacifica Cherry Halo Vinca has dark pink blooms with a larger than normal white eye that looks more like a halo than an eye. .Size: 606, spacing: Plant 10 to 12 apart.Height: Grows 12 to 16 tall, how To Grow: Plant in full sun.Comments: 'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' is the first vinca with a stunning burgundy halo surrounding a large white center.Uses: Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes, Rock Gardens.Gardeners can rely on it to provide color all summer without pinching or lots of maintenance.It may be a compact bushy plant, but it produces an abundance of brilliant yet durable flowers making it an easy-to-grow favorite.
Pacifica, cherry Halo, vinca has dark pink blooms with a larger than normal white eye that looks more like a halo than an eye.

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