Vince lombardi jr

Miami - He was just an ordinary Joe, as far.
Super Bowl trophy is named - was leaving the Air Force to join the family business, against his family's best advice.
That was nine months before Joe was born, so he never met one of the NFL's biggest icons.
My grandfather was, vince Lombardi.Atlanta Falcons in 2006.Patek Philippe wristwatch presented to the coach on George Halas Night in 1968 had a high bid of 5,180 voucher formativi marche and the JFK telegram was at 2,950.Green Bay Packers, and nearly 40 years after the coaching legend's death.I wasnt capable of playing anymore, he said.Mike Kelly knew, so the long-time, dayton football coach paid no attention to the letter."All I did was be born the grandson of somebody famous." He did more than that."He said 'Well, my grandfather did a little coaching.'.I was a water boy and ball boy for all that time.Bidding on the items he consigned to SCP Auctions is going well.But sometimes you dont realize things until its too late.I watched most of the Packers success from afar, he added.And what would his father think of the 2016 Packers, headed to the NFC championship game in Atlanta?He didn't want to work his way up the ranks by being Vince Lombardi's grandson.New York/New Jersey Hitmen and Mercyhurst (Pa.) College before breaking into the NFL with the.If youd have told me at 16 how it was all going to play out, Id have signed up for.Im kind of curious to see what kind of interest there is in these things among collectors.As of Tuesday night, the winning bid on the Giants ring was 13,310.Not by his name, but by the attention - unwarranted, in his opinion - that it often generated.Of course Joe Lombardi loved.
He tried to blend into the background right from the start.
He was almost embarrassed when I'd bring it up in front of a group.