Vince vaughn funny lines

All ya gotta do is say earmuffs to him, and you can say anything, Fuck, shit, bitch.
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The way we talk to our friends; the way we treat other people.Rule #32, you don't commit to a relative unless you are absolutely positive they have a pulse.Raji: Nice ass won't get you through your whole life.From changing the time men take to call women (Six days to what men call women (beautiful babies) to even where men go to find women (All right, all vince vaughn family movies right Ill ask her.Scaring little children while they're sleeping, steal all the food, eat the littke kids' cookies and stuff like that, I mean its a phenomenal occurance, and I get jacked out of my mind just thinking about all those laws being broken.Are you sure this is completely necessary throwing wrenches at them.Well, the proper girl in the hat just eye-fucked the shit out.Can I do that in Vince Vaughnese?His"s would and should be the basis for our new language.Alright, let me be the first to say congratulations.But look past his Trent from Swingers personality and youll see that the man is a treasure trove for lines about how the world could be made into a better place to live.